The Zerofox Cybersecurity Podcast

Unspoken Security (pt. 1)

In this episode of Unspoken Security, host A.J. Nash welcomes Ana Aslanishvili and Shawn Abelson from Pine Risk Management. Together, they dive into the often-overlooked intersection of cyber and physical security. With a combined experience of 30 years, Ana and Shawn share their insights on the importance of integrating these two realms to fortify organizational defenses against evolving threats.

PRM’s CEO & COO Speak on Unspoken Security with AJ Nash

The conversation highlights the critical distinctions between penetration testing and red teaming. Ana and Shawn explain how red teaming goes beyond traditional pen testing by adopting an adversary’s perspective, aiming to challenge and improve the existing security measures. This approach not only tests the effectiveness of physical and cyber security controls but also enhances the overall resilience of organizations against sophisticated attacks. The episode sheds light on the synergy between intelligence and security practices. By leveraging threat intelligence, Ana and Shawn illustrate how organizations can anticipate and mitigate potential security breaches. Their expertise underscores the necessity of a holistic security strategy that encompasses both cyber and physical aspects, urging businesses to reassess and strengthen their security posture.