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Prevented Mass Violence (PVM)

We help clients and communities prevent violence through research and education.  

Security professionals routinely research and track horrific incidents of mass violence. Yet when the system works and successfully prevents mass violence, we move forward with little fanfare and even less research into what worked and how prevent even more incidents. As of 2023, no one tracks prevented mass violence. 


Until now.

Pine Risk Management Tracks Prevented Mass Shootings

When the system fails, we decry mass shootings nationally on a regular basis. When the system succeeds, we hardly mention the prevented mass shooting on local news and we proceed with little fanfare.

This dynamic is backwards, and it is both a cause and a symptom of the dynamic that mass shootings are generally accepted as our new way of life.

We accept the system as-is, without giving people a vision of what effective prevention looks like. It’s hard to legislate, educate, or advocate for something when you don’t have a specific vision of success and a regular reminder that success is possible. PRM aims to fix that. Mass violence can be prevented, it is prevented regularly, and should be prevented more often. It’s time to learn from and grow the systems, dynamics, programs, and teams that successfully prevented catastrophic violence.

Open Source & Public Domain

All research and data within this webpage and the associated Google Sheets is in the public domain and may be used by researchers, professionals, the press, and the public.

The Prevented Mass Violence (PVM) initiative is entirely focused on building safer communities, moving our profession forward, and giving back to the industry. All PVM work will always be pro-bono. We will never charge for research, lectures, speaking engagements, papers, or guidance relating to this initiative. 

Join Us

If you wish to contribute, please contact us at info@pinerisk.com and explain how you are able to help. Whether you are a researcher, student, advocate, or interested party – we would love to work with you. Please send us your ideas, information, missing data, research proposals, or comments.

Access the Dataset

For access to the full dataset please email us at info@pienrisk.com and we will send you a CSV of the data.

Future Research

If you are a researcher, academic, or other party interested in using our data, please contact us. If there is data that would aid your research but that we are not collecting, please let us know and we will consider adding additional factors to capture and backfill this dataset.

Prevented Mass Violence – Dataset