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Pine Risk Management was created by security and risk management industry insiders who have built, battled, budgeted, and brought security to the next level at companies, charities, governments, educational institutions, and small businesses across the globe.
We are here to help you protect and profit.  


We Can Do It All

Our team of experienced professionals brings together expertise from various domains and environments, ensuring that we can provide unmatched solutions to our clients. With a passion for security and a commitment to excellence, we embarked on this journey to provide comprehensive solutions that go beyond traditional security measures.

Business and Security Decision Support

Increase clarity with decision support. We use systematic approaches to challenge core assumptions, beliefs, and/or formal logic of a process or decision to support the best possible solution and outcome for the business or security problem at hand.

Red Teaming

By leveraging intelligence tools to identify potential threats, conducting comprehensive assessments, and developing strategies to mitigate the identified vulnerabilities, we empower businesses big and small to proactively manage their security, get ahead of their competition, and efficiently allocate their security budget and resources to most critical security measures and controls.

Security Risk Management

Our bespoke risk consulting services are a valuable tool to help businesses identify potential risks and develop strategies to effectively manage them. By offering a customized approach, we ensure that our clients have a clear understanding of their risk landscape and can make data-informed decisions to protect what’s important.

Business Excellence

Our team of experts provides a range of services to businesses in alignment with their business goals and values. We are highly skilled at quality assurance, business operations support, report-writing, and communications and E-commerce automation support. 

Security assurance services

Reduce uncertainty and blurriness with security assurance services. We offer tailored security plans to suit the unique needs and budgets of our clients. Whether it’s recommending training or technological security measures, developing emergency management plans, or providing threat monitoring services on an ongoing basis, we provide comprehensive security solutions that address specific vulnerabilities and ensure peace of mind.

PRM’s Added Value

Fresh Perspective

Our perspectives are as broad as our knowledge is deep. We reframe problems, bring fresh perspective, share tools for making the best-informed decisions, and develop Golden Ticket solutions that provide to you the highest RROI: Risk Reduction on Investment. 

We are Problem Solvers

We bring resources, knowledge, experience, and capabilities to help you thrive. From Protection to Education, and everything in between, we are your go-to problem-solving partners. Our goal is to help you exceed the standards in physical security and risk management.  

Custom Solutions

We understand business needs, constraints, politics, and leadership. Creative and empathetic, we design solutions that work in the context of your business, with bespoke reports and outcomes that you can showcase to leadership and the board. 


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From Our Founders

The Pine Risk Difference

We operate on the bleeding edge of security. Our approach is never stagnant or dated; instead, we actively accelerate progress in our industry by conducting and publishing research, putting systems and products through real-world tests, and challenging common assumptions. This allows us to provide you with solutions that are economical, lasting, proven effective, and secure. But don’t take our word for it – challenge us. We are red teamers and challenges make us better.


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